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Do your children need Valentine boxes for school?  Kids will love to get crafty with these Valentine box ideas.

They can also make their own fun Valentines for friends with these printable Valentine’s day cards!

Valentine Boxes

easy valentine boxes

I’m so happy you are here! I love sharing easy ideas to brighten your day and help you be creative! Whenever you need a fun idea or creative activity please come visit me! I will keep you stocked with loads of crafty ideas and free printables.

Here is a great list of Valentine’s Day box ideas. Some of these boxes are simple and some take more time, you can choose how creative, and detailed you want to be. It’s a lot of fun to make a DIY Valentine box.

So many creative Valentine box ideas to choose from! Grab shoe boxes, construction paper, and some other goodies, and let’s get started. It is so easy to make a card box!

Valentine Box Ideas

Many of the following ideas are great Valentine boxes for boys. They for sure will love the toilet. But don’t worry we have plenty of Valentine box ideas for girls too. Wouldn’t it be a hoot to see which of these appear at their Valentine’s Day parties?

Taco about awesome. I love this Taco Box!

box made to look like taco for collecting valentines

I love all the details on this super cute train box.  You won’t believe it is made from cardboard boxes and tubes!

train valentine box

This googly-eyed Alligator Box turned out so cute! Collect a tissue box and other various boxes, egg cartons, and toilet paper rolls to put it together. Kids will love making it and showing it off! This one will go together better with a glue gun. Just be careful with the hot glue.

Alligator Valentine box

Look at this super cute Valentine monster! This Monster Valentine Box is the perfect card holder, plus you can create yours in a variety of ways with these free printables! Kids can also pass out matching Monster Valentines.

Valentines Day Monster Box DIY

Minions never seem to go out of style, so why not take advantage of that and make a box (that can maybe even last more than one year). It doesn’t require much time or supplies, so it’s a great choice. Looks like yellow duct tape makes this one super easy and mess-free!

minion valentine box

This robot Valentine box is a great way to have kids recycle and use their imagination to build something amazing. After gluing all the parts together it would be easy to spray paint silver instead of wrapping all the boxes. The Slinkys are super cute but dryer vent tubes would also make great arms.

robot valentine box

This flushing toilet valentine box is a little gross but is sure to bring out giggles and grins. Kids love bathroom humor.

toilet valentine box

What a clever way to make R2D2 with a white swing lid trash can. Genius! Don’t miss these cute Star Wars Valentines or these Lightsaber Valentines that use glow sticks. Kids would especially love these Candy LIghtsaber Valentines.

R2d2 from white swing lid trash can

 Even More Valentines Day Boxes

Here are five more amazing ideas…

Do you have a basketball lover? This basketball inspired box will be a real crowd pleaser.

basket ball valentine box

Your football lover can make this football valentine box all by themselves.  It is a quick and cute idea any boy or girl would love.

football valentine box

Who doesn’t love puppies? This dog has all the elements to make your child squeal.  This puppy valentine box is so fun. That mop makes it so unique.

puppy valentine box

Free printable makes it easy to assemble this puppy valentine box in minutes.

puppy valentine box

This little piggy went to get Valentines.  This pretty little piggy box is made from a Clorox bottle. Isn’t it clever? I love repurposing household objects to make something new.

pig made from clorox bottle or gallon jug

Horse lovers can use this image found on Pinterest to make a darling horse box.

horse valentine box

Great use of a Kleenex box! This picture found on Pinterest gives you ideas on how you might make your own dog box. Isn’t the black pom-pom nose a great idea!

dog valentine box

Cute Valentines day Boxes

This owl valentine box is a simple enough kids craft that even a young child can make it.  So whimsical and cute.

owl valentine box

Love unicorns? This unicorn valentine box is turned out so cute! They will love showing it off at school. Unicorn lovers will also want these Unicorn Valentines.

Unicorn Valentines Box

This hot air balloon took only 20 minutes tops to make. So if you are looking for an easy but show-stopping Valentine card collector, this one is for you.

pink hot air ballon valentines box - by giggles and galore

This is the gumball machine Valentine gives back! You can put a slit in the base for the cards and then gumballs in the top with a sign for anyone to take one! It’s a perfect give-and-take! All the kids will think this is the perfect Valentine box.

Gum Valentine box

Kids will love making and wearing this bumble bee box.  Bonus it is big and can hold a lot of valentines and candy!

bumble bee Valentine box

Simple Valentine box ideas

Do you need an easy last minute idea?

This cereal box chair backer can fit a lot of valentines and is very easy to make! I like that a child can make this all on their own. There are really a lot of ways to get creative with this idea.

decorated cereal box

A shoebox makes this easy mail inspired US mailbox. I love how you can open it and drop in your Valentine’s.

decorated shoe box turned into a USPS mailbox

What kid doesn’t love an emoji? This heart eyes mailbox was found on Pintrest and is easy to put together.

To make this Valentine’s Day craft you start with a kleenex box and cut yellow craft paper to fit the sides and top. Then glue the paper in place. Cut out two hearts for eyes out of red craft paper and a mouth out of black paper then glue them in place. It really is that simple.

emoji valentine box

Easy Superman mailbox with tissue paper cape. This valentine box has a great theme without a ton of work!  You could easily modify it for a super girl too.

superman box

A cereal box and some wrapping paper make this purse box come together really easily!  Add a little bling to embellish it however you want.

box turned into a purse

Valentine Mailboxes

Valentine Mailboxes are a fun classic style of Valentine box. These boxes are decorated with clear printable vinyl, but you can use stencils and paint for similar results.

pink metal mail box with red flag that has the name Alice and hearts on it, and a light blue mail box with red flag with the name Turner on it and the words be mine

This sweet mailbox with heart shaped decals is a simple ideas that was found on Pinterest. By using decals, stickers, or paint you have endless decorating options.

mailbox Valentine box

Here is a free printable mailbox you can make in several different patterns.

heart shaped mailbox

I have also had great luck going to the craft store and simply buying foam stickers and letting kids make what they want over a covered shoebox!  You don’t even have to craft holiday themes for it to turn out cute.  I hope you love all these creative Valentine’s Day boxes!

More Valentine Ideas

If you are looking for classroom valentines be sure to check out this post with 50 cute sayings for Valentines.

Here is a huge amount of Printable Valentines. You are sure to find an adorable homemade Valentine idea here.

printable valentines

I hope all these ideas help you have an inspired Valentine’s day!

cindy hopper


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